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Cspace Global Headquarters
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Detroit, Michigan  48202, United States
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The Earth Network on Cspace is the place where leaders and organizations engaged in the work to protect the Earth's environment can connect, share industry news, publish information about their activities, promote new ideas and find ways to work together.

Please share posts, photos and videos of your own or from around the web that could be of interest to the members of our network.  We reserve the right to "feature" regular contributors whose information we feel is consistently valuable!

Earth Network
Cspace Global Headquarters
440 Burroughs, #684
Detroit, Michigan  48202, United States

Contact Name: Margaret Kurian
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Phone: +1 (313) 865-1264
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Posted by Earth Network on 05/02/2015 on Earth Network Network

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China cancels $17.6bn construction projects ‘to protect the environment’
 China has rejected 17 construction projects with a total investment of $17.6 billion, attempting to bolster environmental protection strategies and fight corruption. The projects were among 92 ...
Why national parks will not save our endangered species
 Public forests in New South Wales are governed by a muddle of laws and regulatory bodies and it's not succeeding on economic, social or environmental grounds. It's time for change. Two ...
Abbott warns against courts 'sabotaging' projects such as Carmichael coalmine
 Prime minister raises spectre of Australia becoming ‘a nation of naysayers’, two days after federal court set aside approval for huge Adani mine in Queensland. Tony Abbott has reaffirmed ...
Change transportation habits, help the environment
 In a transportation emissions study done by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, passenger cars contributed 62 percent of greenhouse gas emissions in the country. And how many people are in ...
Latest Blogs
Meet the Filmmaker Who Is Installing Live Cams All Over the World
 "Right now, as we're speaking, I’m looking at hippos at a watering hole in Africa," Charles Annenberg Weingarten says with a mix of salesmanship and genuine wonder. "Waves ...
Harry Stine Is Revolutionising US Agriculture. Again
 Harry Stine built an obscure $3 billion empire by breeding a better soya bean seed. Now the richest man in Iowa thinks he has revolutionised corn, the Earth's most popular crop  O n one of the ...
The Equation Between Petrol and Pollution
 As petrol prices go up, more buyers are opting for diesel cars which run on low costs but also result in more pollution  W ith the increasing prices of petrol, you would not be wrong to expect car ...
Frenetic Development Is Pushing Up Pollution Levels
 Please refer to the Infographics in the Featured pic or click on the link below.   
Earth Network

Earth Network

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